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Proteqt for IT experts in the areas of Security, Data and Cloud

Are you an IT expert looking for a new challenge, but are you unable to find a suitable match? Then Proteqt is the perfect solution for you! To help you find a new challenge that matches your ambitions, skills, and the current trends in the market, we take the time to get to know you first. When we know who you are, your ambitions, and your specific expertise and skills, we can help you find your dream job more easily and more efficiently. After all, you are who truly matters.

Our process

  • Apply to one of our vacancies and upload your CV
  • Personal call   to discuss the function with you
  • Schedule a job interview with our client
  • Sign your new contract! 
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Our services

  • Hiring & Selection

    At Proteqt, we do everything in our power to find a suitable position that matches your wishes, skills, and ambitions. The hiring and selection process at Proteqt consists of several components to guarantee the best match between you as an IT professional and the company. Because of our diverse client base, there is a good chance that we have an exciting challenge for you, regardless of your expertise.
  • Freelance

    In addition to permanent positions, we regularly receive requests for new freelance projects. Proteqt is the 'preferred supplier' for both large and smaller organisations, which enables us to respond quickly and offer a diverse range of projects. Are you about to start working as a freelancer, or are you still in doubt whether this is the right career path for you? Our consultants are here to help you with these matters too.
  • Personal development

    We love to grow, as individuals and as a company. Why not grow together and benefit. With our personal development plans we make sure you get where you want to be as soon as possible. Share your ambitions and we’d love to help. Classic win-win situation.